How To Cut a Tshirt Into a Muscle Tank

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If you look at anyone’s dresser, you’ll definitely find a lot of t-shirts including old t-shirts. What would you do with your old t-shirts? Instead of tossing your ratty old t-shirts into the trash, there are various ways you can breathe a new life into them.

If you’re interested in transforming them into something trendy and worthy, consider how to make t-shirt yarnhow to make a t-shirt quilt DIYhow to cut a t-shirt into a tank top, or how to make bag from t-shirt.

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to cut a t-shirt into a muscle tank. The t-shirt cutting ideas are actually easy to follow and not complicated at all. Get those crafting scissors ready!


How to cut a tshirt into a muscle tank

Are you on the hunt for how to turn t shirt into muscle tank? Follow these simple steps to know how to cut a tshirt into a muscle tee.

How to cut a tshirt into a muscle tank

Step 1 

Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface. You can iron it before to make it smooth so that cutting will be easier.

how to turn a tshirt into a muscle tank

Step 2

You can cut along the armhole seams or further down the shirt sides for a wide-armed muscle tank look.

It’s significant for your cutoff t-shirt’s sleeves to be even. If not, it will look lopsided. To make sure that your armholes are even when you cut them, you can begin by folding the t-shirt in half lengthwise.

how to turn t shirt into muscle tank

Step 3

Cut off the neckline

You can widen the neckline as you want. Simply cut around the neckline or cut way outside of the neckline if you want to widen more. It’s best to try cutting close to the neckline and see how that looks first.

After that, your tank top is ready to wear.

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